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By: SEOServiceInIndia | November 07, 2017

Every year search engine portals develop new algorithms and rules. Every new rule means every marketer must stay abreast to this changing landscape in order to help clients reach their online business goals.

This year SEO service in India offers a great opportunity to align all SEO strategies with the business goals taking into consideration all the latest changes.

Some tips to get you started:

AMP – also called accelerated mobile pages is the most practical solutions that are bid to reduce bounce rates to every responsive website. It is an open source protocols allowing pages to load instantly leading to reduced data rates and more.

Artificial intelligence – this is Google’s third most important ranking factor. RankBrain – the machine learning AI system helps Google to determine the intended meaning of a given query. Here is a proven way to apply Artificial Intelligence to your SEO service in India – SEO content marketing strategies.

Keyword ranking – it is still very, very important though this foundation of SEO has evolved over time. Specific short keywords have given way to long tail meaningful keywords.

Voice search – As voice search gets directly integrated with interfaces like Siri, Google Now and Cortana; it’s on a continuous rise. It is clearly here to stay and it’s time we optimize our website for it. For example, the marketer can prioritize long tail keywords, use schema to provide context and research conversational queries.

User experience – a well-designed web page, user-friendly landing page and a simplified navigation process gets people to spend more time viewing contents on your website. This means the onus of increasing user experience is still very prevalent and helps in achieving a higher search engine rank

Some tried and tested methods that still work:

-  The entire on-page optimization strategy should serve a specific purpose.

-  The website needs to be responsive and load faster. This is the reason AMP is becoming popular as mentioned above.

-  The website should have optimized location pages and specialty area pages

-  An orderly website with a logical structure makes Google happy

Every SEO service in India ultimately is all about personal branding; carving out a niche in an already crowded market. Don’t get stuck figuring out which one of these above-mentioned strategies to implement. Contact the experts – Ssquare Interactive and let them take the load. 

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